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Every photographer needs a good editing software to edit photos. When you hear photo editing, most people think of Adobe Photoshop. That is fair as Photoshop offers you every tool you need to produce the effects that you want. But, you need to have lots of experience and do lots of work to unlock Photoshop’s potential. You will find lots of alternatives these days that you can use along with Adobe Photoshop or replace them.


This tool promises to offer the fastest photo editing. You just need to drag and drop a picture to get the best results. Artificial intelligence will do all the work. It is great for portrait photographers due to its Face Finish technology that is known to remove imperfections, whitens teeth, and enhance eyes. Its smart browsing option also lets you enhance many pictures together.


This is the most innovative tools to edit pictures. Its interface looks like the Lightroom. Artificial Intelligence is its secret weapon. The AI technology of Luminar offers three features including sky enhancer, adding realistic sun rays, and accent AI. This tool offers more than 60 default styles. It also has toolsets for landscapes, portraits, and aerial photography.


It’s a free and professional photo editing tool. This tool is simple to download as well as install on computers. It comes with many different features that can help you with photo composition, photo enhancement, and retouching pictures. It also has an in-built file manager. You can also make image authority with this tool. GIMP works great on Mac, Linux, and Windows.

Aurora HDR

Based on Quantum HDR Engine, Aurora HDR is power by AI. It offers more than 20 tools to assist you to get the most beautiful HDR pictures. Features of Aurora HDR include color toning, polarizing filter, dodge and burn, vignetting, and more. Some of the exclusive tools of this photo editing software include HDR Clarity, HDR Smart Structure, and HDR Denoise.

Affinity Photo

If you are looking for a powerful and low-cost alternative to Photoshop, then Affinity Photo is the best choice for you. It matches Photoshop mostly in terms of masking, selection, and layer tools. It especially focuses on retouching with healing, cloning, and retouching tools. It also has a committed Liquify Persona for local image distortion effects and an inpainting tool that helps in automatic object removal.

ON1 Photo RAW 2019

Whether you want to work on RAW files, organize your pictures in a series and explore the image folders, explore manual modes or use 1-click preset from the library, ON1 Photo RAW can help. This tool makes managing your images simple. It comes with lots of tools and effects that make using the tool worth it. This tool is excellent for those who have some knowledge of editing photos.

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