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Many people look around to search for the ideal way to become a nomad. On the surface, it might sound like a thrilling but scary experience, but if you have the correct frame of mind and tools, you can definitely make it work. Enrico Vieira Machado can help you with the different steps you can consider to begin your journey to be a digital nomad and start hopping from pace to place. Enrico Vieira Machado thinks that Traveling the world does not need to be a costly affair. It is all about making a luxury vacation.

History, Language & Culture

Traveling to different countries is not just about fun and enjoyment, you also get to learn about the place’s history, language, and culture. Traveling and being culturally aware go together. Once you’re exposed to new features of a specific place, then your cultural awareness also grows. Exploring new places also lets you know the history of the place. Your knowledge about any place’s culture will grow as you keep learning about its history and language. This will also help you to live a better life for many months in a new place.

Weather & Geography

Weather and geography are important factors to consider, implicitly or consciously during your travel planning. They represent both a pull and push factor for tourists. They have been an intrinsic part of a vacation’s experience and had been found as a key motivator for the travel. These elements play an even more important role during your travel if you are a digital nomad. Choose geography and weather carefully so that you can make the most out of your travel.

  • Pleasant weather can refresh you.
  • It can help you become more productive.
  • Weather conditions can make your trip better.
  • With great geography, you will certainly enjoy traveling the country.

Doing Business & Staying in Touch

Traveling and working together is the best chance to expand your professional and personal networks. The best and the most rewarding thing about a digital nomad’s life is staying in touch and befriending with people from across the world, through LinkedIn or casual social media sites.

Enrico Vieira Machado

The person you mat on a trek or at a yoga class, can not only end up in being your lifetime friend but also get some new business opportunities.