Photo Equipment: What’s In The Bag?

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Practically, to take a wonderful photo, you just need your camera along with some inspiration. However, there are some things that every photographer needs to have in their photo equipment bag to make the shoots happen more smoothly. So, without any further ado, below are the most important extra things you should carry whenever you go out with your camera.

Spare Memory Card and Battery

When you are on a trip, you may find may things and situations that cause you to get trigger happy. As a result, your memory card will fill up quickly. Having spare memory cards eliminates such issues and lets you shoot for as much time as you want. The same is true for batteries and powers.

Lens Brush and Blower

You never want things to be there on your lens. Ensure to keep your brush and blower handy, and also ensure to use them before using your lens wipes.

Lens Cleaning Wipes

It is safe to tell that lens cleaning wipes are very good. They are a pre-moistened cloth that lifts all the dust and marks your lens straight off and the moisture then evaporates with air completely. Keep your glass clean to make your shots sharp and pristine.

LED Head Torch

Never go out for a shoot without a light. You may anytime find yourself without daylight and away from your car. A head torch comes in handy in such situations as it will keep your hands free. And if you are shooting the stars, you will find it difficult to assemble your camera, manipulate the settings, and adjust the focus. The LED head torch can offer you a clear benefit here.


This is something very, very important and you should never go without it anywhere. Generally, weight is the problem that stops people from carrying one always, but you don’t know when it’ll be required.

Compass and Map

If you are out exploring different things and locations, ensure that you take the map with you. The weather could change quickly, particularly if you are in at some altitude in some hilly areas. Using your map and compass, you can reach safely to your car or your destination in case the weather goes bad.

Waterproof bag cover

While a few bags are waterproof, these are rarely completely waterproof. Moreover, water is easily absorbed by bags and that can add to its weight. Having a good waterproof camera bag cover is very important and useful when rain strikes unknowingly. You may keep your camera and its accessories safely and avoid water from going into your bag, using a waterproof bag cover. Hence, a bag cover will save you greatly.

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